McLendon Minority
Leadership Initiative
Be A Change Agent in the Sports Industry

Be A Change Agent in the Sports Industry

Host a McLendon Fellow and cultivate the next generation of leaders!

Host organizations create a meaningful
professional experience while the
Foundation provides coaching and a robust
curriculum focused on interviewing,
networking, decision making, leadership, and
career planning.

Check out the McLendon Fellow experience at Arizona State University, CLICK HERE.


McLendon Fellows are individuals from
historically excluded communities who have
completed their bachelor’s degree and
aspire to a career in sports. The Fellows
program is part of the McLendon
Foundation’s Leadership Initiative (MLI).


In partnership ProLink Staffing, the McLendon Foundation works to provide a turnkey process for the host organization. To host a McLendon Fellow, we ask the following of host organizations

  • 1. Donate to the Foundation
  • 2. Provide a job description
  • 3. Interview the top 3-5 candidates sourced by ProLink Staffing
  • 4. Select candidate an provide a meaningful work experience


After selection of the final candidate, the McLendon Foundation will provide the McLendon Fellow an acceptance letter and bi-weekly stipend.

Interested in hosting a McLendon Fellow, CLICK HERE.