McLendon Minority
Leadership Initiative

Make your success a part of our story.

Make your success a part of our story.

In July 2020, the McLendon Leadership Initiative started as a coach-driven program to create access to and opportunity for meaningful employment experience for minority candidates and enhancing their career options.

Originally funded by collegiate coaches (MLI Ambassadors), the MLI is a one-year program open to candidates with a Bachelorโ€™s degree. In the program, Future Leaders are engaged in learning outcomes that extend beyond the athletics department position they hold.

Current MLI Opportunities

All McLendon Future Leaders


Ceaser Adim
University of Kentucky
Terrance Auster
University of Dayton
Tony Buford
University of Tennessee at Martin
Taylor Buford
University of Clemson
Veronne Clark
University of Mississippi
Marques Cox
Rutgers University
Vincent Eze
University of Connecticut
Jazzmine Folston
University of Louisville
Chris Frezza
Duke University
Marcos Gonzales
University of Kentucky
Blair Griffith
University of Kansas
Loren Harris
Georgia Tech
Sarana Hyatt
University of Virginia
Brandon Lee
University of Colorado
Gabby Little
University of Alabama
Alexis Mallory
Harvard University
Darius Martin
University of Louisville
Michelle McLeod
North Carolina Central University
Oliver Moe
Georgetown University
Kimati Ramsey
University of Oregon
Victor Ren
University of Kentucky
Ro Rhodes
University of Kentucky
Elian Rodriguez
Jared Romance
University of Miami
David Simms
West Virginia University
Nicole Snyder
University of Maryland
Cameron Walker
Glenville State College
Simone Wark
University of South Carolina