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John McLendon Minority Scholarship Foundation Announces 2019 Scholarship Award Winners

CLEVELAND – The John McLendon Minority Scholarship Foundation is proud to recognize the eight winners of the John McLendon Minority Postgraduate Scholarship Awards.

“On behalf of the McLendon Foundation, we would like to congratulate this year’s scholarship recipients,” stated McLendon Foundation President and Director of Athletics at Georgetown University, Lee Reed. “Coach McLendon believed deeply in the value of education and we are proud to honor his legacy by supporting the continued educational pursuits of these eight future leaders.”

The McLendon Minority Postgraduate Scholarship winners will each receive a $10,000 grant to be used towards postgraduate studies in athletics administration. Through the support of the Fiesta Bowl’s endowment commitment to the Foundation, a John McLendon Minority Postgraduate Scholarship will be awarded each year to a student associated with an Arizona-based four-year institution. The 2019 McLendon Scholarship, presented by the Fiesta Bowl, is being awarded to Naomi Eastland, who is continuing her education at Northern Arizona University.

“In our third year with the McLendon Minority Scholarship, we’ve been impressed with the talent and personal character of the individuals in the program,” stated Fiesta Bowl Executive Director Mike Nealy. “Naomi is dedicated to excellence in education and leadership, two key drivers in the Fiesta Bowl mission as well. Helping Naomi on her professional journey in the education and sports management track is something we’re honored to do.”

In addition to the Fiesta Bowl, the National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals (N4A) has continued its sponsorship of two of the $10,000 scholarships. A portion of this contribution to the Foundation is in memory of Curtis Jones, former associate athletics director for academic support at West Virginia, who passed away suddenly in September 2013. Jones was a N4A Board Member at the time of his death.